Seeing is Believing Business Intelligence for an Efficient Enterprise

Business Intelligence and ERP

Organisations these days accumulate massive data and information everyday through business operations, that is hard to keep track of and analyse. Most of them are still using spreadsheets and Microsoft excel to store data which consumes a lot of time and labour. To have the information in one place and to get more visibility on the data, organisations adopt ERP software. As we are on this line of business, we understand the importance and necessity of this system and we deliver the best ERP software in the market. But what is the point of having all the data in one software if you are not able to get deeper insights and make business sense out of it? That’s why we are more keen in integrating our ERP system with Analytics to give a better insight to the customers on their data. Business Intelligence in ERP systems allows an organisation to analyse and leverage massive data that is captured by the ERP software. The BI software uses the data, analyses it, and represents it in an actionable and easy to interpret format.

Our Business Intelligence Features

Our Business Intelligence solution provides 360-degree view of your organisations performance and empowers you with better insights in order to ‘Measure, Monitor and Manage’ your business goal and growth.


Our interactive dashboards provide deeper insights of the businesses in the most comprehensible way so that you are fully-equipped to sense the pulse of your business and to identify the areas of the business that need utmost attention.

Data Visualisation

We extract key data sets from our ERP system and then mix and match the data using visualisation techniques so that business owners/managers can identify all kinds of opportunities for optimizing their organisations.


Our ERP system track all company transactions, such as sales, inventory, company assets and more. We have reporting functions within our ERP systems to access the raw information from the database to present it in the form of reports containing actionable data so management can make informed decisions.

Predictive Analytics

By implementing predictive analytics, companies can save costs by foreseeing their business processes. Combining ERP and Predictive analytics, organisations are able to identify future opportunities and threats. These insights and proactive alerts, prompt more accurate forecasting for your organisations success, building reliability you can trust.